Quickly preview your responsive website designs at the dimensions they will be seen on popular mobile devices.
Absolutely free in one click!
No advertising, no adware!
Supported browsers:


Includes presets for multiple devices
Supports both external and internal network
Add your own devices if you donĀ“t find anything that suits your needs

How this works

Users testimonials

Really best extension for mobile devices view and development. I've tried few and non of them was great as this one - simple and intuitive ui, open separate actually sized window. It makes my life as web dev painless. Thank you dev!

George S.

Like that it has a drop-down to select device.

Larry Judd

Excellent Tools. Love you google team

Shahbaz Ahmed Bhatti

All the love from the Kosmos...Maribel Garcia. c. th2e tihs: wazz worth the wait :)

Crew Gplus